In keeping with the ‘One size does not fit all” philosophy, ExactCAD provides a configuration utility which enables all of the rest of the ExactCAD tools to function seamlessly in any design environment.

The utility has three primary functions:

Configure System Resources and Files

There are a few files that need to be created and stored as part of the Automation Configuration process.  The user will select a directory location and filenames for these files.  Once established, the rest of the automation scripts and applications will read the configuration files and function accordingly.

Configure Design Directories and Files

The configuration utility gives the user complete freedom and control over how to organize the Mentor Xpedition design database.  Locations and filenames of all output files can be set up in a common template format, which all the rest of the ExactCAD tools will use when creating and naming files. The basic idea is that the designers will never have to worry about where to put any output files, and will never have to rename any design or output files or directories after they are created.

Additionally, auto-generated emails will have subject lines and pertinent data already filled out, so that when the designer has to create an email to make a request for quote or to report design status, there will be no need to go hunting for the right information and numbers to include in the email.

The configuration utility allows the use of a set of common variables which reference part numbers, drawing numbers, revisions, and the like, along with user-specified text descriptors and other characters to build the templates for all file and directory names.

The system is 100% customizable per the user and/or company standards.

Configure Field Labels

Many of the ExactCAD tools reference part numbers, drawing numbers, and a variety of other data descriptions.  It is understood that the names and descriptions of these design objects may be different from one company to the next.  All of the field labels and object identifiers in the ExactCAD tools can be changed to suit company standards.  In some companies, a part number may be called Material Number.  In others, it may be called Part Number, or PartNumber, or just Part.  The ExactCAD system is designed to be customized by the user so that end users will see familiar names and descriptions of design objects in the tools, and no underlying processes will need to change.  These tools are designed to adapt to your existing processes, and will not force your processes to adapt to them.