This is a fast and simple utility that creates a transition between a wide trace and a narrow pad

It works well for impedance controlled traces or power pins

Adjust the taper angle and distance to customize

Add a bend with a custom radius to create a smooth signal path

Without a transition, it is difficult and slow to make clean connections between the wide traces and narrow pads. The wide trace can only get so close to the pad. Then the designer must try to route off the pad with a smaller trace. Jogs may be introduced, or the large trace may move unexpectedly. Also, the smaller trace may not be the same width as the pad, introducing more sharp corners into the connection area.

The RF / Power Pin Exit transition is a conductive shape. It is drawn to exactly match the pad width and taper out to exactly match the trace width.

This tool is fully parametric. The basic shape can be set with taper angle or distance from the pin pad. There is also functionality to add a bend to the shape. The bend angle and radius can be specified, along with the rest of the parameters. The parameters are set with a Configuration Utility. The parameters can be changed on the fly as often as necessary.