PCB Design and Layout Services

ExactCad has a team of PCB designers available for design work. Our primary expertise is with Mentor Graphics Xpedition toolsets.

What we specialize in:

New PCB designs and re-layout of existing designs.

Variable design modes: fully integrated schematic or netlist driven design.   

Working with your team to implement constraints and design rules

Ongoing collaboration throughout the layout, working hand-in-hand when needed.

Smooth adaptation to design changes. ECOs happen; we are here to make your team successful, not get in your way.

Speed and efficiency. We make extensive use of automation to get more done in less time.

Design accuracy; complete Design Rule Checks by designer and a peer, every time.

Extensive ECAD/MCAD collaboration:              

– Over 20 years of experience with SolidWorks and AutoCAD in multiple industries.     

– Proprietary translation directly from ECAD data to SolidWorks or STEP models of components, PCB, and copper / solder mask layers     

– Automated RF Shield design creates ready-to-use SolidWorks or STEP models

Post Processing:

– Automated parametric panel/array design optimizes your designs for fabrication and assembly.

– Complete fabrication and assembly data preparation, including NC Drill, Gerber, ODB++, GenCAD, IDF, and IPCD-356.

– Automated dimensioning, drawing notes, and stackup views for fabrication and assembly drawings.      

– Our goal is to complete post-processing in 2-4 hours.


Our technical experience includes:

PCBs up to 32 layers

Rigid, flex, and rigid-flex designs

RF designs up to 30GHz

RF and high-speed digital board material selection and stackup design

Current up to 200A, voltage up to 1000V at commercial & military flight altitude

Impedance control, differential length matching, dynamic phase matching of differential signals

Bus topology definition and length matching

DDR2, DDR3, DDR4, Ethernet, PCIe, JESD

HDI technology: blind and buried vias, microvias, fine-pitch breakout and routing

The custom ExactCad software, created by designers for designers, automates the slow and tedious tasks that slow down the layout process, making us much more efficient. We pride ourselves on our ability to get jobs done precisely and in less time than the competition.

Starting at any point in the design process, we will work with you to complete your design and meet your scheduling needs.

Contact us at exactcad@exactcad.com to get started.