Shapester can be used to create and modify many different kinds of design objects at the click of a button.

  • Plane Shapes

  • Route / Plane Obstructs

  • Plane clearances under pads

  • Solder Mask Clearances

  • Conductive areas with clearances to nearby objects

  • Fill a layer with a plane shape, with cutouts for any other planes on that layer

  • Add solder mask clearance to an entire layer, but leave mask around components for soldering

  • Add Solder Mask loop to board outline

  • Quickly and easily convert sharp corners to chamfers or round corners

Shapester can also copy any draw object and paste it onto another layer.

This function makes duplicating GND planes and route obstructs easy.

How does it work?

Just select the net objects that you want included in the new shape:

Shapester will create a complex plane shape in seconds

Adjust shape creation parameters to customize

Change Corner modes to make square, rounded, or chamfered corners in your shapes.  

Here’s a short video of the Chamfer / Round Corners function in action: