Some PCB components have routing guidelines and suggestions in their datasheets.  In many such components, locations for ground vias are included.  To avoid the complexity of dealing with different via assignments and board layer stackup in the component cell, some companies draw the via locations in the cell on a userlayer.  This userlayer can be turned on in Xpedition, indicating to the PCB designer where to place vias for that component.

That’s when the fun begins.  It is sometimes difficult to get the vias in the right place.  It is also time-consuming to place the vias manually.  This tool does that for the designer.  Simply turn on the appropriate user layer, enable Draw mode, select the circles, and run the tool.  The via to use and the net for the vias are selected with drop-down lists.  The vias are placed.  Fast and easy.

Here’s a video of the tool working: