This tool makes shorting nets with vias very fast and easy. It does not add any functionality to Xpedition that does not already exist; it just makes it easier. .

With the built-in method in Xpedition, you can only modify one via padstack at a time. The interface in the padstack properties dialog in Xpedition is also kind of small and difficult to use. 

Short vias takes care of all of that; you select the layers you want to short on, select the net you want to short from the drop-down list, select all the vias you want to short, then press the button.  

If you want to remove the net shorts from previously shorted vias, just select the vias and press the ‘Remove shorts from selected nets’ button.  The tool finds the shorted layers on those vias and removes the net short attribute.

Take note:

  • Shorting vias in Xpedition causes DRC errors.  You will need to review and accept the errors in the Hazard Explorer just like any other DRC errors.
  • If you replace vias after they are shorted, the net short attribute will no longer be present on the new instance of the via.  Any automated or manual process that replaces one instance of a via padstack with another will have this effect.  Use caution if you have already shorted some vias and then run a via replacement process.