Automation Software for Schematic Capture

These tools work in conjunction with DxDesigner:

Replace Part: Replaces components.  Select by selected part, same part number on the active sheet, or same part number in the entire design.  Reads the currently selected part in DxDatabook to use as the replacement part.

Find Parts and Pins: This fast navigational tool helps users find components and specific component pins in the DxDesigner schematic.

Trace Net: Follow any net through all the places it exists in the schematic.

Change Power Subnet names: Changes the net name of nets connected between a power net and an IC or other component where there is some other part in series between the power net and the component which uses the power.  This makes it easier to identify those nets as power nets in the netlist, and assign them to the appropriate net class.

Last Used / Unused Reference Designators: Scans the DxDesigner schematic and reports on unused designators and the highest designator used for each component type.

Cleanup Text: Fixes the text size, location, and character formatting for XREF annotations after using the Tools> Update Cross References function in DxDesigner.

Get Datasheet: Loads the PDF datasheet for a selected component from a network storage location.

BOM to Schematic: Creates a schematic filled with parts from an external BOM file.