v1.02     2/19/2021

  • Improved performance and error trapping for the Add Place Obstruct on Adjacent layers function.
  • The addition of a Chamfer Corners function. Use it to chamfer sharp corners on all polygon design objects – planes, userlayer polygons, board outline, route border, conductive area, obstructs, etc. Set the chamfer value and hit the button then click near any vertex – you ‘ll see the red snap marker. Hit the escape key when you are done to make the marker turn off.
  • Improved messages and information displayed when the tool is unable to create a shape

v1.03     2/22/2021

  • Overhaul of the User Interface to make it both more compact and less cluttered.
  • All the function icons in the lower part of the user interface were separated into a tabbed panel with 3 function groups – Make Shapes, Make More, and Modify Shapes.
  • Added Round Corner function alongside the Chamfer Corner function added in v1.02. For both of these, added a switch to enable adding chamfers or round corners to an entire shape at once.
  • Complete overhaul of the Chamfered Corner Mode functionality. It’s now much more like PCB Designers do them manually. The previous version basically used the round corner mode and replaced every radius with a chamfer. This resulted in some weird shapes, and I actually almost never used it. The new version uses the square corner mode and then adds chamfers to that.

v1.03.01   2/26/2021

  • Minor bug fix: Adding chamfers or round corners to a plane shape would lose the plane’s Plane Class. The fix preserves the Plane Class.

v1.04   3/2/2021

  • Added multi-version capability in conjunction with the ExactCAD MultiVerse

v1.05  1/4/2022

  • Fixed a bug which happened when using a through-hole pin as a source object for creation of shapes.
  • Added function to create a plane shape from a selected userlayer polygon and a pin. The plane shape is made from the polygon and inherits the pin’s net.
  • Added a function to create a plane shape perimeter loop with a specified net and width.
  • Expanded the use of the Select Net drop down list and the associated Clearance value text box. These are now used for several functions that require specification of a net and/or a size value, such as fill area with plane, create perimeter loop, and trim plane with another plane. These controls are now visible above the tabbed panel area near the bottom of the interface window, because they are used by functions on all the tabs of the tabbed panel.