v1.01     2/1/2021 Initial release

v1.02     2/18/2021

  • Fixed bug which enabled an internal trace to be selected for adding a soldermask clearance.
  • Enabled non-standard design directory structures where the PCB file does not reside in a PCB directory.

v1.03   3/3/2021

  • Added multi-version capability in conjunction with the ExactCAD MultiVerse
  • Substantial performance improvements to all via addition functions.
  • Fixed bugs related to failures when adding vias with DRC mode on.

v1.04  9/30/2021

  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Included Route Border as a candidate shape to be used as a boundary for adding vias.
  • Added functionality to find existing properties previously added to vias if the file that stores via property names in the database gets deleted.
  • Verified use in EDM environments.