The ExactCAD Replace Part tool is an improvement on the DxDesigner Replace Symbol built-in function.  The primary way in which it’s an improvement is that designers don’t care about symbols and symbol names, they just care about parts and part numbers. With the ExactCAD tool there is only a minor need to know what symbols are involved, and this only because for some components there is more than one symbol and it may be important to choose the right one.  But there is no need to know that ahead of time and go looking through the DxDatabook CL View to find what you want.

With the ExactCAD tool, the designer just selects the part to be replaced, and selects the part in the normal DxDatabook window (the one that lists all the parts), and then the tool does all the behind-the-scenes work.

If there is more then one symbol for the part, the user is alerted and a drop-down list is populated with all the possible symbols.  It’s very easy to select the desired symbol and do the replacement with it.

The bottom line is that there is no guesswork involved and the designers only use the parts of DxDesigner and DxDatabook they are already familiar with.  Fast and easy.

Bonus features are that the replacement can be done for selected parts only, or all similar parts on the sheet, or all similar parts in the project.  Naturally all the reference designators remain the same and other properties are replaced by the ones for the replacement part.