Quote Sheet

The Quote Sheet tool prepares a document which can be sent to PCB fabrication shops in order to obtain quotes.  It includes all the information a fabrication shop will need to prepare a quote.

The tool consists of a data entry form which requires some user interaction.  Anything that can be taken from the PCB and the Panel design databases is collected automatically.

Upon completion of user input and data gathering, the user presses a button to complete the form.  The tool pulls an MS Word template file from a designated location, adds data as needed, then saves the file in the design database with the correct name and in the correct designated location.  Graphical and parametric data from the Panel Wizard are also included.  After saving the MS Word file, the document is also saved as a PDF, and the sheets of the PCB fabrication drawing are added to this PDF file. Thus when the PDF file is sent to a PCB fabrication shop, it includes all the board and panel information, a graphic of the panel design, the parametric data from the panel design, and the PCB fabrication drawing.

Vendors surveyed have responded that the information in this Quote Sheet is more than adequate for them to prepare quotes.

This is the input form:

Here is the output of the tool: