The Post Processor creates a one-stop-shopping interface for creating all the needed output files for a finished design

Files are automatically named and located per your standards

ReadMe file created automatically based on the current output files

The Post Processor also contains a Panel Wizard utility that automates panel creation

Automatically determines optimal panel design for PCB Assembly

Creates complete FabLink panel including boards, fiducials, tooling holes, break away tabs, scoring lines, dimensions, and information legend

Additional Features:

– Adds edge contours to PCB

– Switch between outputs from Fablink or Xpedition

– Creates SolidWorks 3D part models of copper and solder mask layers

– Compiles design data to send for fabrication quote

Automation Software for Post Processing

Panel Wizard: Using the PCB board outline and all relevant board data, the Panel Wizard calculates all possible panel configurations, allows the user to modify the panel as needed, then builds the panel in fablink with all the necessary additional cells, boards, and added dimensions. Many options are possible including tooling holes, panel fiducials, V-scores, partial board outline milling routes, and part overhangs on any side of the board.

Quote Sheet: Creates a quote sheet suitable for sending to a PCB fabrication house with a request for quote.  All quote sheet data is pulled directly from the board and/or panel databases.

Fabrication File Output: Configuration, creation, and naming of all PCB fabrication files, drawings, and other outputs.  All output files are placed in the design database per the user-configurable standards created with the ExactCAD Automation Setup & Configuration utility.

Extra Utilities:  A number of useful utilities are included to help make the post-processing operation smoother and easier.