The ExactCAD Find Parts and Pins tool for DxDesigner does exactly what its name suggests.  It knows where everything is in the schematic and help the designer find things.

An example use case is where a digital designer is hooking up all the connections on an FPGA with many hundreds of connections.  The FPGA will most likely have several symbols with the pins all divided up.  Unless the designer can remember which symbol has which pins and what sheet of the schematic that symbol is on, a lot of time will be spent hunting around for the right pin.  The Find Parts and Pins tool provides the functionality of quickly selecting any part in the schematic, selecting a pin, and zooming directly to where that pin is located on the shematic sheet.

Later on in the design process, the designer might forget where a particular part is in the schematic.  This tool will quickly and easily zoom to that part, saving the effort of searching in an external PDF file or using DxDesigner’s built-in search function, which is completely non-discriminatory and will find any instance of the text that is searched for, regardless of the kind of object that text belongs to.  The ExactCAD tool does not need to be told to only search on reference designators when searching for parts.

The tool interface is simple and easy to use: