Fabrication File Outputs

The Post Process tool’s primary function is facilitate the creation of output data with as little manual intervention as possible.  Thus the Design Output Data section has been created to step through the entire process, requiring only one mouse click for each step in the process.

There are a couple of items that involve a few more steps.  For example, the Gerber/ODB++ Setup function opens another window (see below) and before the Fabrication Zip file is created, the PCB fabrication drawing must be completed and present in the designated location in the design database.

Otherwise it’s very straighforward.  This stepwise process is very simple compared to the many different menu picks and the effort of naming files correctly and moving them around in the database which are normally required to comply with company procedures and standards using Xpedition as it comes from Mentor Graphics.

Gerber/ODB++ Setup

Upon entering the Gerber/ODB++ setup tool, the board and Design Info data are scanned and in all but the most unusual cases, everything in the setup will be correct and completely filled out.  All default layers that need to be included based on the board design will be.  All the filenames will be correct per company standards, and the Gerber layer contents will have all the correct defaults selected.

In the odd case that something in the setup needs to change, everything that might need to be selected will be present right in this window.  No need to flip back and forth as in the standard Output Gerber file contents selection window from Xpedition and Fablink.