Post Processor Utilities

The Post Process tool has a number of utilities and features which help with various aspects of finalizing the board design process.

– The two Fit MFG and TF Outline items change the shape of the Manufacturing and Test Fixture outlines.   The first makes them just slightly larger than the board outline and the other expands it to include all parts and milling contours which may overhang the board outline.

– Add End Contours – In cases where parts of the board outline are routed to produce complex shapes, this tool can automatically generate the contour objects so the designer does not have to draw them manually.

– Combine Drill File – does exactly what it says – combines the plated and non-plated drill files into one single file.

– Create Hot Net Data – Creates SolidWorks part files representing surface copper and soldermask layers. These can be very useful to mechanical engineers in determining what parts of the outer layers can safely come in contact with the chassis that holds the PCB.

– Clear Solder Mask from Trace – creates a soldermask object which becomes an opening in the soldermask in the fabricated board.  The clearance shape will exactly follow the trace, will be 1 mil (.025 mm) larger than the trace, and provide a 10mil (.25mm) distance from any component pad the trace is connected to in order to maintain solder mask dams.

 – Add GND vias – adds a grid of vias to the entire PCB on a grid with configurable spacing.

– Report Complet Upload File List – Opens a window with a text box containing all the filenames of every output file.  This can be useful when sending an email to all stakeholders letting them know what files have been created.  Also if for some reason a file needs to have its name changed manually, this will give the correct filename.

– Opens a checklist tool with user-customizable checklists for use before sending data out for fabrication or archiving.