The ExactCAD MultiVerse enables you to easily use many versions of Mentor VX software regardless of which version has been registered with the Release Switcher. It also enables you to start all the different modules in each version without needing to use the Windows Start Menu to select the right one.

Just select the version you want to use, then start whichever module you want to use.  Then you can start any ExactCAD application and it will correctly connect to that version.

This tool is like the Mentor Release Switcher, but it only takes a second to make the switch.

The only drawback to using this method is that you can’t launch a Mentor program by double-clicking on a .prj, .pcb, or other file in your design database. You have to use the Windows Start Menu items or the buttons in this tool to launch each program. If you launch from a design file, the default registered version of the Mentor software will be loaded. If you have another version set with this tool, there will be a mismatch and some of the ExactCAD tools won’t load correctly.

If you mostly use only one version of the Xpedition tools at a time, just set this tool to that version and everything will work as it normally does. If the setting in this tool matches the default registered version, you can load any Mentor tool by double clicking the appropriate file in your design. All ExactCAD tools will also load without issue.