The ExactCAD Licensing tool enables users to:

  • Apply licenses which enable software usage
  • Get Machines Codes for node-locked licenses
  • Get User Data Codes for licenses tied to an individual user name

Using the tool is very simple. When you receive a license code from ExactCAD by email, just paste it into the box in the middle of the window. Press the “Apply License” button. The code is applied and is then available for use by all ExactCAD tools included with your license. 

If we request User or Machine data from you to create your license codes, use the buttons provided to get that information. When used, the user and machine data codes will be displayed in the window. You would copy and paste the codes into an email and send them to us. We will use the codes to generate your licenses. 

If you are using a license server for floating licenses, you would use this tool to get machine codes apply license codes on the server where the floating license is hosted.  

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This tool creates a text file in the user’s AppData folder, like this:


The license codes are written into that file.  When the ExactCAD tools start, they read this file to validate the license.  Don’t edit the file manually; if you do, your license will stop working. If for any reason the text file gets corrupted or deleted, you can recreate it any time using this tool and the license code we send you by email.  If you lose the code, don’t worry.  We keep them on file for the duration of your license term and will send it to you again if you need it.