This tool reads a BOM file and places a component on the schematic for each item in the BOM.  The BOM is a tab-separated text file with one part per line, with each line composed of reference designator and part number.  The tool works in conjunction with the system’s active DxDatabook database, and the current Central Library, to get the remaining data needed to place the components.

The schematic should start out as a blank sheet with no borders or title block.  Parts are placed in a grid pattern such that they will not touch each other.  No nets are added.

Why would this be useul?

– It can be used to do a PCB design placement study, given a list of parts that could theoretically be used on a board.

– It can be used to create a board design intended to be used for DFM checks of component cells.

– It can be used to reverse engineer a PCB design when there is minimal input provided.