Here are links to download evaluation versions of ExactCAD tools.  More will be added as they become ready.

Mentor Version
ExactCAD tool:        
Change Power Subnet NamesX86X64X86X64X86X64X86X64X86X64
Find Parts and PinsX86X64X86X64X86X64X86X64X86X64
Trace NetsX86X64X86X64X86X64X86X64X86X64
Cleanup Text and XREFsX86X64X86X64X86X64X86X64X86X64
Page NavigatorX86X64X86X64X86X64X86X64X86X64
Last Used Unused DesignatorsX86X64X86X64X86X64X86X64X86X64
Add Ground ViasX86X64X86X64X86X64X86X64X86X64
Add Shield WallsX86X64X86X64X86X64X86X64X86X64
Diff Pair TunerX86X64X86X64X86X64X86X64X86X64
Exit 45X86X64X86X64X86X64X86X64X86X64
Find and ReportX86X64X86X64X86X64X86X64X86X64
Place DesignatorsX86X64X86X64X86X64X86X64X86X64
Replace ViasX86X64X86X64X86X64X86X64X86X64
RF & Power Pin ExitX86X64X86X64X86X64X86X64X86X64
Snap ViasX86X64X86X64X86X64X86X64X86X64
Test Point HelperX86X64X86X64X86X64X86X64X86X64
Drawing Editor
Drawing NotesX86X64X86X64X86X64X86X64X86X64
ExactCAD Licensing UtilityAny


You will need a license code to run these software tools.  Please email ExactCAD to get one.  Evaluation licenses will be good for 30 days.  Download the licensing utility to install the license on your computer.

You will also need 7-zip to unzip the downloads. You can get it for free at

The fine print:

1. EULA.  Read it before downloading and using ExactCAD software products.

2. Privacy: ExactCAD will not share or sell your email address or any information you share with ExactCAD for the purposes of trying, using, or buying ExactCAD software, to anyone, for any reason, ever.