What we specialize in:

New PCB designs and re-layout of existing designs.

Variable design modes: fully integrated schematic or netlist driven design.

Working with your team to implement constraints and design rules

Ongoing collaboration throughout the layout, working hand-in-hand when needed.

Smooth adaptation to design changes. ECOs happen; we are here to make your team successful, not get in your way.

Speed and efficiency. We make extensive use of automation to get more done in less time.

Design accuracy; complete Design Rule Checks by designer and a peer, every time.

Extensive ECAD/MCAD collaboration:

– Over 20 years of experience with SolidWorks and AutoCAD in multiple industries.

– Proprietary translation directly from ECAD data to SolidWorks or STEP models of components, PCB, and copper / solder mask layers

– Automated RF Shield design creates ready-to-use SolidWorks or STEP models

Post Processing:

– Automated parametric panel/array design optimizes your designs for fabrication and assembly.

– Complete fabrication and assembly data preparation, including NC Drill, Gerber, ODB++, GenCAD, IDF, and IPCD-356.

– Automated dimensioning, drawing notes, and stackup views for fabrication and assembly drawings.

– Our goal is to complete post-processing in 2-4 hours.

Our technical experience includes:

PCBs up to 32 layers

Rigid, flex, and rigid-flex designs

RF designs up to 30GHz

RF and high-speed digital board material selection and stackup design

Current up to 200A, voltage up to 1000V at commercial & military flight altitude

Impedance control, differential length matching, dynamic phase matching of differential signals

Bus topology definition and length matching

DDR2, DDR3, DDR4, Ethernet, PCIe, JESD, and SERDES

HDI technology: blind and buried vias, microvias, fine-pitch breakout and routing