Basic Package

The ExactCad Basic Package combines six of the most commonly used and useful functions that we have developed for PCB Layout.

Shapester – Creates and edits dynamic plane shapes and draw objects.

Netline Optimizer – Calculates pin swaps to unscramble netlines quickly.

Component Groups – Stores sets of components for easy selection later.

Align – Simplifies placement and fanout by aligning parts, pins, and more.

Move with Basepoint – Snaps objects to a precise location with ease.

Place Components – Automates and simplifies common placement tasks.

Advanced Package

RF/Power Pin Exit – Creates a fanout for wide traces exiting narrow pins.

Add Ground Vias – Adds stitching vias along a trace.

Add Shield Walls – Creates complex shield wall shapes from draw objects.

Post Processor – A mult-function utility that aids file creation, panellization, and more.

Drawing Notes – Automates customization and creation of fab and assembly notes.

Place Designators – Automates placement of silkscreen or assembly Ref Des for all parts.

See videos of many of the ExactCAD tools in action on my Youtube channel here.  Also check out the Mentor Graphics PCB Systems Automation and Scripting user forum.  I am there a lot and participate as much as I can.